Author Information

Submitted papers should be prepared with a font size no smaller than 11pt, and with 1.5 line spacing. Number of pages is not restricted. An abstract, keywords, and appropriate literature list are required. No particular submission format is required; documents can be prepared in Word or Latex (please convert a Latex document to PS or PDF before upload and don't use macros in Word). To use the Springer Nature LaTeX template is recommended but not required.

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Information about the process:
  • Each paper will be reviewed by at least three reviewers.
  • The editors-in-chief will make every effort to obtain final reviews of submitted papers within sixteen weeks.
  • Final typesetting is done by Springer.
  • Publishing policy is first come, first served. Reasons for fast-track papers may exist.

SoSyM Policy Statement on Plagiarism

Papers submitted to SoSyM must not be simultaneously submitted as is, in an extended form, or in a shortened form to other journals or conferences. Authors can submit extended forms of papers that have previously appeared in conference proceedings. Such submissions must clearly state that the paper has been published elsewhere, must reference the paper in the submission, and must clearly state how the paper significantly extends the published version (please see also SoSyM Publication Quality Guidelines below).

The SoSyM editors-in-chief and the editorial board will not under any circumstance publish plagiarized material. For actions that will be taken if reviewers or editors recognize a case of plagiarism please see Process for Handling Cases of Plagiarism.

SoSyM Publication Quality Guidelines

These guidlines apply to all submissions to SoSyM including regular, special section, and theme section papers.
  • Rigorous
    Papers must be written in a scientifically rigorous manner.
  • Appropriate Literature References
    Papers must include adequate references to related work. This includes literature that serves as the paper's foundational area, as well as alternative and competing approaches that are compared to illustrate how the paper improves the state of the art. Where they exist, citations to journal references are preferred over conference or workshop papers, particularly in cases where a journal paper is an extension of a previous conference version.
  • Significant
    • Published research papers must address significant problems pertaining to the use of models during the development and execution of software-based systems. A significant problem is one whose solutions are of interest to a wide cross-section of the SoSyM readership.
    • Published experience papers must provide significant insights into modeling phenomena. A significant insight is one that a wide cross-section of the SoSyM readership can use to better understand modeling problems and their solutions.
  • Appropriate Validation Discussion
    A SoSyM paper does not have to contain a deep formal empirical study, but it must provide some form of validation of the claims made in the paper. This can come in many forms and combinations, such as an empirical study on the performance or a controlled experiment of some tool approach related to the operational function compared to other similar tools, a human-based empirical evaluation or deep user survey that assesses a new modeling approach and its benefits toward users, a very detailed case study on some real system that provides argumentation and demonstration of the benefits of a modeling technique.
  • No Plagiarism
    Manuscripts with plagiarized content will not be published.
  • No Self-Plagiarism
    Manuscripts in which at least 75% of the content appears in a non-journal publication or in which at least 40% appears in a journal publication will not be published.
  • No Simultaneous Submissions
    Manuscripts that have been submitted to or are under review at or have been accepted for publication by another publisher will not be published.
See also Editorial "How to write a successful SoSyM submission" (pdf)

Submitting a Paper to SoSyM

We have an online submission system, Manuscript Central. We think it fits needs of authors, reviewers and editors quite well, but if you think you know an improvement, please do not hesitate to tell us.

To the Manuscript Central

Document File Formats for online submission:
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC without macros)
  • Rich Text Format (.RTF)
  • Post Script (.PS)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.PDF): Version 6.0 files must be saved as readable in Version 5.0. Refer to your Adobe documentation.
  • LaTex: Convert to .PS file or PDF before upload.
  • Tagged Image File Format (.TIF)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS): Always include/embed all fonts.
  • Preferred font: Times New Roman
  • Use English Equation Editor when you have equations in your document.
  • If unique fonts must be used, embed them in the .DOC or .PS file (you cannot embed fonts in an .RTF file).
  • EPS and TIF files are the preferred file formats for all uploaded images.
  • See also Editorial "How to write a successful SoSyM submission" (pdf)

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