Information about special sections

In SoSyM we publish special sections as part of the regular printed issues. Therefore we usually use the wording "special section" instead of "special issue". Our policy is that we prepare special sections from highly innovative conferences and workshops in the modeling area. The conference organisers select the best papers and invite the authors to submit an extended and substantially enhanced version of their paper within a certain deadline. Under the supervision of the section editors the papers will be reviewed again and the accepted papers will then be published in a special section.


  • Proposal submissions for a SoSyM special section should have at least one section editor who has demonstrated connections to the software and systems modeling community, either through participation in the MODELS conference or SoSyM itself (as an author or reviewer).
  • The section editors, their relatives, and their current research collaborators must not submit papers to be published in the section section.

If you are interested in editing a special section for the SoSyM journal, please contact the Editors-in-Chief (contact and process see below).

Published Special Sections

  1. FACS2021 Special Section
    organized by Gwen Salaün
    Volume 22, issue 2, April 2023

  2. PoEM 2021 Special Section
    organized by Estefanía Serral Asensio, Janis Stirna, Jolita Ralyté, & Janis Grabis
    Volume 22, issue 2, April 2023

  3. EMMSAD 2021 Special Section
    organized by Iris Reinhartz-Berger, Jelena Zdravkovic, & Asif Gill
    Volume 22, issue 1, February 2023

  4. MODELS 2020 Special Section
    organized by Silvia Abrahão, Juan de Lara, Houari Sahraoui, & Eugene Syriani
    Volume 21, issue 5, October 2022

  5. PoEM 2020 Special Section
    organized by Janis Grabis & Dominik Bork
    Volume 21, issue 4, August 2022

  6. BPMDS 2020 Special Section
    organized by Pnina Soffer & Selmin Nurcan
    Volume 21, issue 3, June 2022

  7. MODELS 2019 Special Section
    organized by Tao Yue, Silvia Abrahao & Man Zhang
    Volume 20, issue 6, December 2021

  8. BPMDS 2019 Special Section
    organized by Jens Gulden
    Volume 20, issue 5, October 2021

  9. EMMSAD 2020 Special Section
    organized by Iris Reinhartz-Berger & Jelena Zdravkovic
    Volume 20, issue 4, August 2021

  10. SEFM 2019 Special Section
    organized by Peter Csaba Ölveczky & Gwen Salaün
    Volume 20, issue 2, April 2021

  11. EMMSAD 2019 special section
    organized by Iris Reinhartz-Berger & Jelena Zdravkovic
    Volume 20, issue 1, February 2021

  12. Special section of business process modeling, development and support (BPMDS) 2018: new perspectives for business process modeling, development and support
    organized by Jens Gulden & Rainer Schmidt
    Volume 19, issue 6, November 2020

  13. Special section on ECMFA 2017 and ECMFA 2018
    organized by Anthony Anjorin, Alfonso Pierantonio, Salvador Trujillo & Huascar Espinoza Ortiz
    Volume 19, issue 5, September 2020

  14. Special section on MODELS 2018
    organized by Andrzej Wąsowski, Richard F. Paige & Øystein Haugen
    Volume 19, issue 4, July 2020

  15. Special section of BPMDS'2017: enabling business transformation by business process modeling, development and support
    organized by Selmin Nurcan & Rainer Schmidt
    Volume 19, issue 3, May 2020

  16. EMMSAD'2018 special section
    organized by Iris Reinhartz-Berger & Sérgio Guerreiro
    Volume 19, issue 2, March 2020

  17. Special section on ICMT at STAF 2018
    organized by Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado & Arend Rensink
    Volume 19, issue 2, March 2020

  18. Special section of the 20th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS'17)
    organized by Jeff Gray & Vinay Kulkarni
    Volume 19, issue 1, January 2020

  19. Special section on MODELS 2016
    organized by Jörg Kienzle & Alexander Pretschner
    Volume 18, issue 3, June 2019

  20. EMMSAD'2017 special section
    organized by Iris Reinhartz-Berger, Wided Guédria & Palash Bera
    Volume 18, issue 3, June 2019

  21. Special section on ECMFA and ICMT at STAF 2016
    organized by Pieter Van Gorp & Andrzej Wąsowski
    Volume 18, issue 2, April 2019

  22. Special Section of BPMDS'2016: Business Processes in a Connected World
    organized by Rainer Schmidt & Ilia Bider
    Volume 18, issue 2, April 2019

  23. STAF 2015 special section
    organized by Jasmin Blanchette, Francis Bordeleau, Alfonso Pierantonio, Nikolai Kosmatov, Gabriele Taentzer & Manuel Wimmer
    Volume 18, issue 1, February 2019

  24. Special issue on the 18th international conference on model driven engineering languages and systems (MODELS'15)
    organized by Jordi Cabot & Alexander Egyed
    Volume 17, issue 3, July 2018

  25. Special section of BPMDS'2015: enabling value creation via business process modeling, development, and support
    organized by Selmin Nurcan & Rainer Schmidt
    Volume 17, issue 2, May 2018

  26. Special section on MODELS 2014
    organized by Juergen Dingel & Wolfram Schulte
    Volume 17, issue 1, February 2018

  27. Special issue on "modeling: foundations and applications" (MODELS 2013)
    organized by Ana Moreira, Bernhard Schätz, Peter Clarke & Antonio Vallecillo
    Volume 16, issue 2, May 2017

  28. Software Engineering and Formal Methods 2013 special issue
    organized by Mario Bravetti, Robert M. Hierons & Mercedes G. Merayo
    Volume 16, issue 1, February 2017

  29. Special section of BPMDS'2013: coping with complexity in business processes
    organized by Selmin Nurcan & Rainer Schmidt
    Volume 15, issue 2, May 2016

  30. Special section on MODELS 2012
    organized by Jürgen Kazmeier & Perdita Stevens
    Volume 14, issue 4, October 2015

  31. Special section of BPMDS'2012: artefacts and processes for business process modeling and management
    organized by Selmin Nurcan & Rainer Schmidt
    Volume 14, issue 3, July 2015

  32. Special section on model transformation
    organized by Zhenjiang Hu & Juan de Lara
    Volume 14, issue 2, May 2015

  33. Special section of SoSyM dedicated to 50 years of Petri nets
    organized by Wolfgang Reisig & Jörg Desel
    Volume 14, issue 2, May 2015

  34. SEFM: software engineering and formal methods
    organized by Gilles Barthe, Alberto Pardo & Gerardo Schneider
    Volume 14, issue 1, February 2015

  35. Special issue on MODELS 2011
    organized by Jon Whittle & Tony Clark
    Volume 14, issue 1, February 2015

  36. Special issue on "modelling–foundations and applications"
    organized by Antonio Vallecillo & Juha-Pekka Tolvanen
    Volume 14, issue 1, February 2015

  37. Special issue on MODELS 2010
    organized by Dorina C. Petriu
    Volume 12, issue 3, July 2013

  38. Special section on SEFM 2009
    organized by Padmanabhan Krishnan, Dang Van Hung & Antonio Cerone
    Volume 12, issue 2, May 2013

  39. Special section on ECSA 2010
    organized by Muhammad Ali Babar, Ian Gorton & Flavio Oquendo
    Volume 12, issue 2, May 2013

  40. Special issue on model transformation
    organized by Richard F. Paige & Jeff Gray
    Volume 12, issue 1, February 2013

  41. Ten years of software and systems modeling
    organized by Gregor Engels & Jon Whittle
    Volume 11, issue 4, October 2012

  42. Special issue on MODELS 2009
    organized by Andy Schürr & Bran Selic
    Volume 11, issue 3, July 2012

  43. Special issue on MODELS 2008
    organized by Krzysztof Czarnecki
    Volume 11, issue 2, May 2012

  44. Special section on software engineering and formal methods: extended versions of contributions presented at SEFM 2008
    organized by Antonio Cerone & Stefan Gruner
    Volume 10, issue 2, May 2011

  45. Special section on model transformation
    organized by Jeff Gray, Alfonso Pierantonio & Antonio Vallecillo
    Volume 9, issue 3, June 2010

  46. Special Section on MODELS 2007
    organized by Gregor Engels
    Volume 9, issue 1, January 2010

  47. Special section on model transformation
    organized by Jean Bézivin, Alfonso Pierantonio, Antonio Vallecillo & Jeff Gray
    Volume 8, issue 3, July 2009

  48. Special Issue on MoDELS 2006
    organized by Oscar Nierstrasz & Jon Whittle
    Volume 7, issue 4, October 2008
    Volume 8, issue 1, February 2009

  49. Software engineering and formal methods
    organized by Bernhard Aichernig & Bernhard Beckert
    Volume 7, issue 3, July 2008

  50. OMEGA: correct development of real time and embedded systems
    organized by Susanne Graf
    Volume 7, issue 2, May 2008

  51. Special Section on MODELS 2005
    organized by Lionel Briand & Geri Georg
    Volume 6, issue 4, December 2007
    Volume 7, issue 1, February 2008

  52. Special section: International Conference on Graph Transformation ICGT 2004
    organized by Francesco Parisi-Presicce
    Volume 6, issue 3, September 2007

  53. Special Issue on UML 2004
    organized by Thomas Baar & Ana Moreira
    Volume 6, issue 2, June 2007

  54. Special Section on Software Engineering and Formal Methods
    organized by Jorge Cuellar & Zhiming Liu
    Volume 6, issue 1, March 2007

  55. Special Issue on Language Engineering for Model-Driven Software Development
    organized by Jean Bézivin & Reiko Heckel
    Volume 5, issue 3, September 2006
    Volume 5, issue 4, December 2006

  56. Special section on service-based software engineering
    organized by Manfred Broy, Heinrich Hussmann, Ingolf H. Krüger & Bernhard Schätz
    Volume 5, issue 2, June 2006

  57. Special issue on UML2003
    organized by Perdita Stevens & Jon Whittle
    Volume 4, issue 4, November 2005

  58. Special section on St.Eve workshop
    organized by Tommaso Bolognesi & John Derrick
    Volume 4, issue 3, July 2005

  59. Special section on model-based tool integration
    organized by Andy Schürr & Heiko Dörr
    Volume 4, issue 2, May 2005

  60. Special section on OOIS 01
    organized by Yingxu Wang & Shushma Patel
    Volume 3, issue 4, December 2004

  61. Special section on graph transformations and visual modeling techniques
    organized by Paolo Bottoni & Mark Minas
    Volume 3, issue 2, May 2004
    Volume 3, issue 3, August 2004

  62. Special section on UML 2002
    organized by Jean-Marc Jézéquel & Heinrich Hussmann
    Volume 2, issue 3, October 2003
    Volume 2, issue 4, December 2003

  63. Special section on Modellierung 2002
    organized by Martin Glinz & Günther Müller-Luschnat
    Volume 2, issue 1, March 2003

  64. Special Issue UML 2001
    organized by Martin Gogolla
    Volume 1, issue 2, December 2002

Editors-in-Chief Contact Information

Bernhard Rumpe (primary contact for special sections)

  • Voice:  +49-241-80-21301
  • Email:
  • German Mail:
    Department of Computer Science 3
    RWTH Aachen University
    Ahornstraße 55
    D-52074 Aachen, Germany

Submission/Review Process for Special Sections:

  1. Interested program committee chairs submit a SoSyM Special Section proposal, containing information about the conference and its review process, (e.g. acceptance rate, total number of papers), the number of potential papers, some example titles and authors, short vitas of the authors, a proposed schedule and other helpful information. Provided documents:
  2. Papers accepted to the conference (or workshop) must have been through a thorough review process prior to their acceptance.
  3. After the conference, the program committee chair and program committee decide which papers to select as candidates for the special section.
  4. Deadlines are defined. A useful pattern is given below, in weeks:

    x-28 CfP for a special SoSyM section, candidates are papers with smaller versions already published in the conference/workshop.
    x-19 Papers are submitted to SoSyM via the automated tool, Manuscript Central. The paper type is 'special section paper' and the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) is Bernhard Rumpe. Authors also indicate that the special section editor is the preferred editor, and note that the paper is being submitted to the particular special section. Beforehand a complete list of titles and authors of all expected papers is sent to the EIC.
    x-18 Reviews are assigned by Program Committee Chair (who serves as editor of the special section), via Manuscript Central (necessary review time: 6-8 weeks) to reviewers. Name, affiliation and e-mails of all involved reviewers are sent to the Editor-in-Chief.
    x-10 Check status of reviews; reminders are sent if necessary to the editors, who send them on to reviewers.
    x-6 Reviews/acknowledgements are sent to authors by the Editor-in-Chief.
    x-2 Final versions arrive at SoSyM, via Manuscript Central (usually only minor changes can be handled in that time. Major revisions need extra time for another round of reviews.)
    x Editor or reviewers re-review minor changes and editor gives approval. Usually another full review cycle for major revisions has to be started.

  5. The CfP is published. This can go two ways: Either as a closed CfP to the invited papers or as an open CfP that is also made public.
  6. The papers (as well as the reviews later) are submitted via the automated tool, Manuscript Central.
  7. The special section editors act as supervisors for the papers. They assign at least three reviewers for each paper. These are acknowledged by the editors-in-chief. The special section editors also make the final recommendation, whether to accept the paper or not, and whether and how intensive the resubmitted paper is to be re-reviewed. The final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief and he notifies the paper's contact author with the result of the review process, including reviewers' comments.
  8. The review process for special section papers doesn't differ much from the regular process, but the reviewers for the special section papers can be to some extent reused from the programme committee.