SoSyM Best Reviewer Awards

SoSyM appreciates the hard work and effort of reviewers to deliver critical feedback to help us evaluate author submissions. The heart of scientific progress depends on the volunteer efforts of the research community. To recognize the specific efforts of those reviewers, who were recommended as the SoSyM Best Reviewers based on the technical depth and feedback provided to authors, SoSyM announces best reviewer awards each year. Additionally SoSyM provides certificates to each reviewer who submitted at least one review within one year. The awards and certificates are send via e-mail to the e-mail-address stated in the account settings in Manuscript Central.

A complete list of all Reviewers and Special/Theme Section Editors can be found here.

2021 Best Reviewer Awards

  • Colin Atkinson
  • Dominik Bork
  • Erwan Bousse
  • Travis Breaux
  • Carlos Cuesta
  • Martina De Sanctis
  • Juergen Dingel
  • Dirk Fahland
  • Loic Helouet
  • Nicolas Hili
  • Jörg Holtmann
  • Jennifer Horkoff
  • Thomas Kühne
  • Akhil Kumar
  • Xavier Le Pallec
  • Assaf Marron
  • Bentley Oakes
  • Anthony Simons
  • Thomas Vogel
  • Marco Wehrmeister

2020 Best Reviewer Awards

  • Jürgen Dingel
  • Antonio García-Domínguez
  • Marcus Gerhold
  • Mario Gleirscher
  • Sylvain Hallé
  • Stefan Klikovits
  • Thomas Kühne
  • Hugo A. López
  • Florian Matthes
  • Libero Nigro
  • Bentley Oakes
  • Stefan Sauer
  • Harald Störrle
  • Valentín Valero
  • Steven van Kervel
  • Simon van Mierlo

2019 Best Reviewer Awards

  • Alexander Bock
  • Diego Calvanese
  • Gregor Engels
  • Erik Ernst
  • Dirk Fahland
  • Nicolas Hili
  • Kyriakos Kritikos
  • Thomas Kühne
  • Jeffrey Parsons
  • Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer
  • Jose Proenca
  • Paul Temple

2018 Best Reviewer Awards

  • Anthony Anjorin
  • Gabor Bergmann
  • Neil Ernst
  • Kathrin Figl
  • Mario Gleirscher
  • Paul Ralph
  • Manfred Reichert
  • Christoph Seidl
  • Stefan Stanciulescu
  • Eric Walkingshaw
  • Matthias Weidlich