SoSyM Online

The Springer site for this journal contains an index of published articles and free sample articles. Here accepted papers are published immediately "online first" via the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that Springer offers allowing to reference papers before print. Also many figures that are black/white in the printed version can be viewed in colour in the online version.

What is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?

A DOI is an identifier which persistently references an object in the internet contrary to a common URL which might change.

The DOI for a SoSyM article is created like the following example:
  • 10.1007/s10270-005-123
  • 10.1007: DOI prefix for Springer
  • s10270: Journal number of SoSyM
  • 005: expected volume number
  • 123: individual article number
To resolve a DOI you can either enter it on or access it directly by adding the DOI to the URL (e.g.

The correct DOI for a SoSyM article which is not published yet in the printed version of the journal can be found on the "Online First" section of the Springer site. To cite one of these articles just add the DOI number (e.g. DOI: 10.1007/s10270-005-123) to the usual way of referencing by author names and title.